10 New Years Resolutions for Worship Leaders

One of the things I would add to my day if I suddenly woke up with the supernatural gift of not needing to sleep, ever, is time to read more blogs.  I read a few when I get a chance, but not nearly as many as I’d like to! (Do I read yours? I don’t know… let me have the URL).  I recently stumbled upon http://ragamuffinsoul.com/ and identify in some way with a lot that this guy has to say.  One of the things I quite enjoy, tongue in cheek (but not really) is his post called ’10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Worship Leader should all make’  (ignore the bad grammar please).  Maybe you can appreciate this:

10.  I will lessen the amount of WooooahOoooohs I try and make my church sing by 50%.

9.    I will wake up every morning and say…”My name is __________.  My name is not Joel Houston/Kim Walker”

8.    I will get better by watching video of myself and critiquing all of the accidentally blasphemous things I say.

7.  I will READ MY FREAKING BIBLE more than I try and memorize lyrics.

6.  I will NOT ASK THE CHURCH…”You guys ready to worship?!!!” anymore.

5.  I will not be the token late staff member and use the excuse “I’m an artist”

4.  I will STOP being so emo and START smiling so my church doesn’t think they are at a hipster house show.

3.  I will say NO to the GREEN ROOM and YES to the LOBBY.

2.  I will let my church be MY CHURCH and stop trying to make them THAT CHURCH.

1.  I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind.


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