2014 – A new chapter. Join me?

In case you haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook today, I’ll let you know… it’s a new year. Yip, 2014 is upon us, with all it’s opportunities, open doors, blank pages and  ______ [insert other new year cliché].  I must confess, I do appreciate the ‘newness’ that comes with the 1st of January.

Yes, I understand it’s just another day.
Yes, I understand there’s nothing mystical or powerful about the 1st of January
Yes, I know my issues, short comings and personality flaws from last year didn’t magically disappear with the glass of champaigne, awkward kisses and “yes, I made it to midnight” of 2013.

But for whatever reason, a new year does allow for some reflection, new decisions, goals and the like. This year, I have set a few for myself. For example, in 2014

  • I want to balance my ministry and home time better than I did in 2013
  • I want to try be a ‘nicer’ person (as odd as that may sound… but I know I’m a douche sometimes, and I don’t like that about me, so here’s hoping)
  • 2014 will be my healthiest year yet
  • This year, I will take all my leave and go away with my family more
  • I would like to blog a lot more, and hopefully my content will inspire*
  • I want to become a better media blogger (check out www.markpaulmedia.com if you care)
  • I will spend much less time on my phone

What a new year also does, for a Christian, is gives us a fresh opportunity to commit more time and devotion to our spiritual growth, specifically in our reading of the Bible.

This year, I will continue to write daily devotions, which will be available either as an email signup, or online. The way the devotions will work, is that together, we will read through the Bible Chronologically in a year (in other words, not ‘cover to cover’, but rather in order of the events).  This means that each day we will read about 3 or 4 chapters of the Bible, and the devotion that I write will be based on one of the verses in that portion. As always, devotions will include the scripture references (which you can click on and read online if you don’t have your bible handy), a key verse (which I would recommend you memorizing), a devotional text, a suggestion of how you can apply that verse to your life, and a prayer of the day.

I would love you to join me on this journey of reading through the Bible chronologically in a year.  You can signup or follow along at www.grace-wins.com

Here’ s to a blessed 2014 for you. I pray that your year is exponentially better than last year, but no where as great as 2015.


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