I’ve always been intrigued by the concept and power of gratitude.  In a biblical context, Psalm 100:4 admonishes us: “Enter his gates with a song of thanksgiving. Come into his courtyards with a song of praise. Give thanks to him; praise his name” (GWT). From a humanistic perspective, there are few hearts that aren’t moved by gratitude.  While we certainly don’t intend to do things purely because of the gratitude we are likely to receive, we cannot deny that we are far more likely to continue giving to those who are grateful, and will keep our hands folded tightly when around those who take without gratitude.

For some times I’ve wanted to verbalize (not the right word, considering this is written not spoken, but work with me here) the things that I am most grateful for in life. Some are obvious. Some you may find surprising.

An obvious one is surely my wife. What husband isn’t grateful for his wife, right? True. But not all husbands are as difficult to be married to as I am, I suspect.  Being married to a pastor is never easy I believe. You never have the full attention of your spouse – the church will always believe, to some extent at least, that they own him. They’ll contact him at all hours of the night, even when on holiday. They’ll want his attention over weekends, and because of the nature of his job (you want me to say calling right? Yes, it’s a calling – but it’s also a job) they’ll get his attention most evening’s because of meetings, rehearsals and the like.  Most wives at some point resent this. Mine never has.

I have, over the 10 years that I’ve been with my incredible wife, never had anything but her full support in everything I’ve done from ministry, to radio, to Idols, to photography and even moving our whole lives to Gauteng because that’s where I needed to be.  As a wife, she is the perfect picture of what any husband needs.  I am moody. I am OCD.  I often spend too much time “in my head” and inadvertently shut her out while processing many thoughts – yet she understands and gives me space when I need it.  Our love languages are different, and learning to love her the way she deserves to be loved is a daily process, but she’s always patient.  Some of this you’ll understand. Most you won’t.

All that’s important is that you know that above all else in my life I am grateful for the blessing that my wife is to me, and the privilege I have of being her husband. To have someone love you, be patient with you, support you, guide you and often put up with your crap in the way that she has done is something inexplicable and something I  never take lightly.

For my wife, I am grateful.

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