This past week saw the release of the 2011 HILLSONG UNITED Album, titled “Aftermath”.  I don’t recall a United release getting quite as much attention, so quickly. This could, naturally, be tributed to the natural increase in social networking as Twitter played a huge role in announcing the release of this album.  However, regardless of what has got it the attention it has received this past world, the album (and, therefore, the band) is worthy.

The guys at iTunes had this to say:

It almost isn’t fair that Hillsong has such a deep roster of seasoned praise & worship leaders to craft an album as diverse as Aftermath. Because historically, if there’s one complaint about modern Christian worship music, it’s that it can lack variety and rarely ventures outside its safe zone. In that context, listening to Aftermath is truly an experience: an event as real and engaging as the worship team’s well-documented stage show that has been seen by the masses on six continents. Most bands would consider and album like this to be their magnum opus, but that would connote an apex, and Hillsong shows no indication that they are going anywhere but up. Alternating vocalists between tracks adds fresh variety and pomp. The team shouts refrains on “Nova” and “Go” amid percussive rhythms that sound like a cross between Chris Tomlin, Coldplay, and even Kings of Leon. The guitar work on “Take Heart”, “Father” and “Rhythms of Grace” is delicate and captivating, evolving into a Sarah McLaclan-like trance on “Like an Avalanche” and “Bones”. The stand-out track is first single “Seach My Heart”, included here in both radio and congregational versions. Aftermath shows that Hillsong continue to set the bar high and blur the lines between studio albums and live worship.

Listen to the first track on the album here:

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Chords for this song are also available on the “Worship Downloads” page.

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