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Rain seemed to put a (welcomed) damper on the party scene in Ballito last night with the major party areas being a lot quieter and fewer people hanging around outside. Quieter does not mean ‘uneventful’ though and we were able to help matrics have a safet experience!

We are stoked about all the positives and many conversations we have had with students. We are being intentional about connecting with future TUKS students. Again many pancakes were made, laughs were had and safety was guarantees.

At the moment, teams are out making pancakes in hotel rooms. Pray for God opportunities.
– Mark

The first 3 days of Red Frogs has truly been an incredibly challenging, tiring and rewarding experience, from pancakes to chunder to worship.

We arrived on Tuesday morning and had some incredible worship, and entering God’s presence like that after exams and stress and Gauteng in general really got excited and focused about the week ahead. We then had some training and got split into our teams. I was a lil’ nervous about being in a team with nobody I knew but I don’t think I have ever so seamlessly fit into a team, and I really think God has brought the right balance of individual to my team and I’m so stoked to be working with them.

Tuesday night was our first night in the field. I was on meet-and-greet duty and stayed near the Red Frogs tent meeting people, handing out sweets, giving out the Red Frogs and making sure people knew that we would help them if they needed it, and having some awesome conversations. It was amazing how everyone already loved Red Frogs from the first week of Rage and the incredible number of people they had helped. So many people greeted us with “Red Frogs! We love you guys! You saved my friends life.” My team met in our hotel room afterwards and just recapped the night.

Wednesday morning we had our first pancake booking. We went to a beach house and cooked pancakes for a group of guys. We then went to lunch at Grace church, followed by some worship and a short devotional time. In the afternoon we had a really awesome pancake booking with a group of guys we really got on well with, and we’ll be going back to them today. After dinner we had an incredible and powerful time of worship and prayer with my team before heading out to the the party zone. My team soon had to split so some of us could take a girl home. The rest of us stayed in the tent which was great cause I got to practically help people and be there for them, carrying them to the tent, holding plastic bags for them to vomit into, giving then water, getting hold of friends and parents to get people home. Some hectic cases included a group of 4 friends, one guy who we managed to get home and another guy who hit his head and was totally unable to move. We waited on the sidewalk with him till an ambulance came to take him to the hospital. As we were done with him at about 3:30am a guy showed up who knew me from Boys High. He had just woken up in a bush and had no idea how he had got there or passed out, and his shoes and money had been stolen, and he never had a phone. We managed to get him tansport back to his flat.

It’s such a rewarding experience to be able to carry on the good work of Red Frogs first week, buildig relationships, helping people, and I know that tomorrow some people we helped tonight will greet those in Red Frogs shirts with a “Red Frogs! We love you guys! You saved my friends life.”
– Gray





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