Beach Baby

“Wait until you have a child – it will change your life” they said.  Man, were they right! It’s the little things, really.  The smiles.  When they reach over from someone holding them because they want to be back in youarms.  The morning cuddles. The falling asleep on your shoulder when you step off the pulpit. It’s those moments that change your life. No wait, let me get personal. It’s those moments that have changed my life.

We took Seth to the beach for the first time a few months back, when he was still too small to appreciate it.  Since then, he’s become a water baby, loving the swimming pool, bath, and any other mass of water you can imagine.  Yesterday, after a week of miserable weather and ice-cold-water inducing East winds, we took him down to the beach again and put him in a rock pool, expecting some screams.   But he loved it! Water that the adults couldn’t even handle was his new playground. Here is a photo I took of the moment. For me, life changing, for you… oh, you’re still here? Well done 🙂


And while we’re looking at photo’s, here are a few more taken on the beach and while he was playing on the grass at home.



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