2019 – What a year, right?! As you read that, you probably had a variety of responses. If your year was like mine, you read that and put a smile on your face. If it was a little rough (#ephemism) then you probably read that and took a deep breath, thanking God it’s over.

I had a great 2019 – but saying all that! I’m so amped for an even better 2020. I believe that this will be a great year for my family. I’m trusting the Lord for that.

But I’m also believe that I play a role in the outcome of the year.

Our first family photo of 2020 – Early dinner at Rocomamas Mall of Africa before a movie

So, I’ve started the year with a 3 part series called “Designing your life”. I preached three sermons at Eastside Community Church, and will share them with you as blog posts here. I hope they help!

I’d love your comments of how you look forward to doing something different in 2020!

Happy Happy!

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