Facebook done right

I have likely said it before: I both love and hate social media. When I love it, I love it properly.  So much so, in fact, that I did my honours thesis at Theological College on the power of social media. But when I hate it, I hate it properly too.  I distanced myself from Facebook for a while because I felt that overtime I went on I was bombarded by negative statements, complaints, selfies that showed how little self respect people have, and more than just frustrated me.  I have since found the “hide” button and have managed, for the most part, to hide those kinds of people from my daily social feed intake.

Recently, I have connected with Ursula Chikane on Facebook.  Ursula is the smile, positive voice and inner-beauty-shines-through face of Top Billing and the MC microphone of many star-studded and corporate events.  I have had the pleasure of being at a number of events in my media capacity where Ursula’s energy is an ever-present force.

Ursula has managed to do something on Facebook that I haven’t experienced to this extent before. Her brilliant writing combined with the many scenarios she finds herself in result in a special ability to pull people into her world – or more notably, the world of others as she observes them.

Today, Ursula shared this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.45.15 PM

Tell me that doesn’t stir your heart in at least some small way? I so wish I had the eloquent words to share the world I observe in this way, to lead others to feel compassion for someone they have never met.

Facebook done right!

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