2 Thessalonians 3

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Paul’s Final Instructions for the Thessalonians

Finally, brothers and sisters, pray that we spread the Lord’s word rapidly and that it will be honored the way it was among you. 2 Also pray that we may be rescued from worthless and evil people, since not everyone shares our faith. 3 But the Lord is faithful and will strengthen you and protect you against the evil one.

4 The Lord gives us confidence that you are doing and will continue to do what we ordered you to do. 5 May the Lord direct your lives as you show God’s love and Christ’s endurance.

So much of people’s own agenda’s, opinions and programmes take the place of the true work of the Holy Spirit in today’s world. Too much Christian work these days is accomplished by human plans and programmes, rather than by the Word of God. We trust our own gifts, abilities, thoughts, ideas, creativity and don’t speak the true Word of God. But it is by the very word of God that world was created and is sustained. Paul’s final instructions to the Thessalonian church, therefore, is appropriate for us today: that we would spread the Lord’s word and that it will be honoured.

There will, however, always be opposition to God’s plans and purposes. There are people against the spread of God’s Word. But more than that, there is a spiritual enemy whose mission it is to limit the spread of God’s word, and he does this in many ways – often by attacking God’s people.

It was in one the busiest “ministry” weeks of my year – one where I was preaching 5 times that week, 2 of those being at public schools in our city – that satan attempted to influence the work of God through me and had a burglar break in and threaten me in my home. But God is faithful, as Paul says, and will both strengthen us and protect us against the evil one.

This is not just something “nice” that Paul says in his final words to this church. It is a promise that we can stand on – that God’s protection is active for those who serve Him.


Because of this promise, we can be confident that we can continue to do what god has called us to do. He will continue to direct our lives as we serve His Kingdom on this earth.

Today, let us together walk in boldness knowing that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God’s plans for us are to give us a hope and a future, not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11). No fear!


God thank you that your Word is powerful in and of itself. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share your Word, love and truth with people around us, even when there is opposition. Thank you for promising to protect us. I ask that today you would give me a confidence that goes beyond the natural. In Jesus name, amen.

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