Get to know me

While a single page, or even a few pages, on the world wide web can never fully help you ‘get to know someone’, it’s a good place to start.  And, because I love people, I do hope it’s a start and that our paths will connect at some stage.

I’m a husband

I consider this my primary calling.  It is a privilege I take seriously, that I get to do life with my beautiful wife, Tammy, who is a teacher at Kyalami Prep in Midrand, Johannesburg.

I’m a father

Words cannot express the way my life changed on the 19th of April 2013. Seth Paul Odendaal,  (or SiPhO as I like to call him) is amazing. He is confident, fearless, full of joy, a lover of water and the joy of my life.

I’m a communicator of the good news of Jesus Christ

I do this in a few different ways.  I lead a student church with mid-week services in Hatfield Pretoria, I lead the worship ministry at the main campus of Eastside Community Church in Pretoria, I blog (not as often as I like) and I hang out with people, trying to help them connect more with Jesus. God has somehow opened doors for me to do life in the realm of “celebrities” (I hate that word, because really, what does that even mean?) and I truly believe it is so that I can be a voice of hope in a very dark place.

I’m a lover of the media and entertainment industry.

Being a radio DJ for about 7 years opened doors for me to start doing some publicity for South African Idols (a little TV show that some people in PE watch), which then opened the doors for a relationship with InfiniteCom PR.  This sounds great.  Really, all I do is go to events with people dressed in clothes that are far too expensive, eating food that can’t be pronounced, and then I tell Twitter all about it.  But, believe it or not. I love it!  (Shout out to my sponsors Follicle Hair Pretoria, who try their best to make me look good at these events; and my friends at Stuttafords, 4Elements and DSTV).

I’m an Apple fanboy

But – I won’t judge you when you whip out your Samsung smartphone or Dell laptop. I’ll probably even let you have the plug at the coffee shop, because, well – my Mac battery will last.  Blackberry? That’s another question altogether, one I’m not ready to answer here.

I’m a believer in health

So, I hang out at gym a few times a week. Sometimes I swim, sometimes I play squash, and sometimes I can be found at the weights section with a confused look on my face, directed at those who are groaning as they lift, boet.


Yes please.  But only if it’s good. And by good, I mean, if it’s Woolies organic beans or from Bean There fair trade coffee at 44 Stanley, Pretoria.

The rest, you’ll need to find out as life progresses. Let’s hang out?