HALLOWEEN: A Celebration of Evil

Every year at this time I share some of what I have learned about Halloween.  While I try stay away from things that could be termed “over religious” or fanatical ( I haven’t contributed much to conversations about the evils of Harry Potter or Pokemon or Noddy and Big ears) –  I do feel the need to have my say about Halloween. What could possibly be wrong with Halloween? Surely it’s just make-believe? Surely there’s nothing wrong with dressing up and having some fun with fantasy? It’s just fun. Or is it?

I think not.  Rather, Halloween is celebration of evil.


300 years before Jesus was born, a civilization of people called the Celtics lived throughout the British Isles, Scandinavia and Western Europe.  They were a common group, much like many segments of society today, but they were controlled by a secret society of priests and pagans called the Druids.

The Druids were Satanists who worshipped and served the demonic god of death – Samhain (pronounced say-man). These satanic priests literally controlled people’s lives through the mechanism of fear, and much death, disease, and destruction came upon the Celtics as a result of the Druids and their practices.

Each year on October 31st the Druids celebrated the eve of the Celtic new year in honour of their pagan god Samhain. The “festival of samhain” more accurately called “the festival of death” was officially known, and is still recognized today by all Satanists, occultists and devil worshippers as the even of the new year of witchcraft.

Anton Lavey (the author of the satanic Bible and high priest of the church of satan) says the three more important days to a Satanist are 1) their birthday,  2)  April 30th and 3) Halloween.

Lavey says it is on this night that satanic, occult and witchcraft powers are at their highest potency level and any witch or occultist who is having difficulty with a spell or a curse can achieve success on October 31st because satan and his powers are at the best that night (because of the emphasis people put on this day).

October  31st, Halloween, is the eve of the new year for witchcraft. The World Book Encyclopaedia says it is the beginning of all that is “cold, dark and dead.” When you send your little children out to go  “trick or treating” you’re actually telling them to go celebrate all that is cold, dark and dead. According to Collier’s Encyclopaedia, the theme of the celebration, which runs through modern Halloween celebrations, comes from both the old druidic celebrations, and the old Roman festivals in honour of Pomona, goddess of fruit, which were brought to Britain during the Roman occupation.


The Druid priests would go from house to house demanding all sorts of strange foods for their own consumption and to offer later to lord Samhain, at the “festival of death”.  If the village people would not give the Druids the food they demanded they would speak a demonic curse over the home, and history claims that someone in that family would die within the year. Thus you have “trick or treat”.

The Druids would carry with them a large turnip, which they had hollowed out on the inside with a carved face on front to represent the demonic spirit they depended upon for their power and knowledge. This spirit is called a “familiar spirit” (See Acts 16:16-18).  The turnip, lighted by a candle from within, was a lantern for the Druids as they went from house to house at night.  Now it was believed by the druids that their familiar spirit would inhabit these turnips and assist them in carrying out the spells spoken over the homes and lives of those refusing the druids demands.

When these practices came to North America in the 18th and 19th centuries, turnips weren’t prominent, but we did have a vegetable native to this country that was soon substituted for the turnip – the pumpkin.  The name given to the spirit that inhabited the turnip was “Jock” and upon arriving in America it became “Jack who lives in the lantern” or “Jack-o-lantern”

As you can clearly see, there is nothing Christian about Halloween.  It is today what it has always been –  a day dedicated to the devil.

Why should Christians not honour Halloween?  It is the spirit behind Halloween which makes it wrong.  If we really desire to honour the Lord in our lives and family, then we must teach our children concerning the truth about Halloween.


About ten years ago I did a paper on Satanism for a class presentation at college.  I have tried hard to find the material, without success.  But I remember having material prepared by Inspector Jonker, who is no stranger to the Christian community.  He used to be with the the Special and Occults Crime unit in East London, and has since left the force.  He has written extensive material on Satanism in South Africa, and has recently testified in the court case regarding the murder at the Nic Diederichs technical high school.

At the time of preparing this paper, Inspector Jonker’s investigations proved that there were an increased number of kidnappings the week preceeding October 31st, and in most cases, those kidnapped were never found.  He linked these kidnappings to the human sacrifices that take place in satanic ritual on the 31st of October.

In addition to the kidnappings, many outdoor sites were discovered to be the venue for these sacrifices, one of them being at the top of Edge road, overlooking the Nahoon River in East London  (I saw the remains of a ceremony myself at this particular spot).

Halloween celebrations have crept into South Africa in an increasing way in the last few years.  As with most tools of the enemy, the evils are disguised as fun, fantasy and innocent.  I’m encouraging you to think twice about your involvement in celebrating that which is cold, dark and dead.

“I have come that you may have life,  and life abundantly”  says Jesus – this ‘Halloween’ – why not celebrate all that is LIFE?

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