I’ll slap you

This past weekend, well known Worship Leader and Contemporary Christian Artist, Janine Price, spend the day with the worship team at the church I work with.  As always, Janine was able to use her knowledge, years of experience and spiritual authority to minister incredible truth into the lives of the team.

Janine is also pretty funny, and used the term “I’ll slap you” a number of times.  i.e. – if you’re not submitting to your pastor, I’ll slap you.  If you’re making the setlist about you, I’ll slap you.  If you don’t practice before rehearsal, I’ll slap you. This got me thinking:

There is a level of accountability in the church.  Particularly within mature Christian relationships, many have called upon others to hold them accountable for some or other issue they struggle with.  Even outside of these relationships though, leaders are called to keep their teams accountable;  pastors to hold each other accountable;  etc. But somehow this level of accountability has lost it’s impact. Rather than say “do that and I’ll slap you”, we’ve become a “that sucks… try better next time” generation.  That’s not good enough!

I want to be part of “I’ll slap you” generation.  I want to be part of “I’ll slap you” relationships, where my friends don’t tolerate any nonsense in my life.  Pride? I’ll slap you.  Unprepared? I’ll slap you.  Lack of compassion?  I’ll slap you.  This list certainly goes on, and on, and on.  And will continue to grow if we don’t become a generation that ‘slaps’ the stuff and nonsense out of each other  (in love, of course, whatever that means!).

I’m going to try this… it may go down very, very badly, because no one really wants to be slapped.  They like being told to “simply do better next time”.  But we both know… that never happens.  A slap hurts.

Peace. Love. Happiness.


PS:  In case you missed it… I don’t mean a literal slap. I mean more harshness in holding each other accountable.

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