I’m not a believer

Today marks our 9th day in the icy city of London (granted, 3 of these were on a farm in Northern Wales) and this has been, all round, an amazing holiday so far.

One of our evening activities took us to Wembley for the Hillsong Christmas show. An amazing experience! As you would expect the evening consisted of unrivaled graphics, incredible voices, an orchestra and band that missed no beat and a stage production that would be at home anywhere in the world.
Also as expected, a portion of the evening was set aside for a Christmas message by (I assume?) the Hillsong London pastor. A great message, well delivered etc etc. But something struck me: He referred to the Christians as ‘believers’. Naturally, I’ve been hearing that all my life, but this is the first time it’s worried me.
I pictured an arena full of people that could be divided into zones… “Santa’s believers, this way please”
“Excuse me maam, where do believers of the tooth fairy go?”
“Note – all believers in the Easter Bunny to meet at the park outside” and then finally,
“Believers in Christ, please meet at the cross on the far end of the arena”.
I do not “believe” in rain. I know rain. I have felt it on my face, wiped it off my windscreen, been inconvenienced by it, cancelled a braai as a result of it.
Likewise, I do not “believe” in Christ. I know Christ. I have experienced Christ. I have known His presence. I have known His protection. I have seen the fruit of His guidance. I have known the joy of His love, His blessing, His favour.
Semantics maybe, I admit. But I’m not a believer. I’m a knower.

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