It’s not your place

I learned the news of the death of… Shall we just call her Jane… on Facebook. This, not from her husband, parents or siblings but from a random person who felt the need to be the first “with the news”. Not a relative. And in fact, I would be surprised if…shall we call her Gertrude… had ever even met Jane. She knows Jane’s father-in-law, but more than that I would doubt.

Simply – it was not her place.

I have heard of too many scenarios where family members and close friends have heard either good news, like the birth of a baby, engagement of a child or sibling or – worse, bad news like the death of a loved one – via Facebook because some attention-seeking, wannabe reporter took great pride in being the first to report the news.

It is not ‘news’. It is people’s lives and it is not your place, Gertrude, to share what you know until everyone that is directly involved has had time to either celebrate or mourn…and even then, I’m not convinced it is the “right” of anyone not directly involved in any situation to turn “so-and-so” engagement into a status that would more than likely result in some form of conversation about said engagement happening under the comment feed of the Gertrude’s of the world.

I love social networking, but I’m becoming more and more annoyed and the lack of integrity, wisdom and intelligence of people who have now gone beyond sharing the mundane details of their lives (say what, another bacon and egg breakfast?) to sharing the personal details of others.

I was hoping this day would never come… But I see the end of my Facebook journey on the horizon.


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