God, it’s Your fault

I’ve said this many times in my life:  God gets blamed for all kinds of things that He really had nothing to do with. Little did I realize I was doing that very thing.

A few months back, I was invited to a pre-release screening of the new Hillsong movie, Let Hope Rise.  Essentially, the documentary follows the current Hillsong United band as they prepare for a big worship event in the USA.  There are things about the movie that are somewhat difficult to believe (like a main worship leader living with his in laws because he can’t afford his own home or car) but for the most part, the 2 hour long documentary takes you into the real lives and struggles of being a worship leader on tour most months of the year.

Here’s where my excuse comes in, and how Let Hope Rise revealed my own sin of blaming God for my own ‘stuff’.


One of my greatest dreams in life have been to write great songs of worship that will be a blessing to the church.  I have always felt that people called to be worship leaders should write their own songs. The Psalmists were primary song writers.  But I’ve never been able to write anything worth singing! So, for years, I’ve simply settled for the one liner:  “God hasn’t given me a gift of song writing, so I’ll sing other people’s songs”.  This may be true for other people – because God is God and He can do what He chooses, and scripture tells us the gifts are given as the Spirit chooses, but during Let Hope Rise, seeing some of the most gifted song writers in the world struggle to put something worth singing on paper, made me realize that the problem with my inability to write songs is not a “gifting” thing – but a “laziness” thing.  I cannot truthfully say that I’ve ever “wrestled” with a song, or put a large amount of time into writing something. I’ve sat down for half an hour, haven’t had success, and moved on.

I feel challenged and called out on this, and have decided to give it another go – this time with some time and effort.  I’m also going to be putting a big, audacious goal before my team:  An Eastside Worship Album to kick off our 40 day journey in 2018. That gives us about a year and a half to get into the swing of song writing, arranging and finding our rhythm.  I suspect this will be a fun journey.

What are you blaming God for?  There may just be things in your life that you’ve put down to a simple one liner:  ‘God hasn’t gifted me with…’,  or ‘God hasn’t blessed be with…’,  or ‘God hasn’t given me a passion for…’,  or ‘God hasn’t wired me to do ….’  – maybe it’s time for you to call yourself out on that and get back to doing the things you need to do – gifting or not.

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