Joburg Day in Pics

Every event promises to be “bigger and better”, with most under delivering. Joburg Day 2013 is one huge exception.  Highveld 94.7 and MTN did an amazing job, and it definitely WAS a bigger, better music festival than before. Bigger Stage, better venue, bigger crowd, better production. All round, an amazing day.

If you’re the details type, you’d probably want to know things like:

  • It was also the longest Joburg Day festival – Connell Cruise kicked off the show just after 10am, and Lcnvl closed the show after 10pm – so, more than 12 hours of live, proudly South African music
  • It was at a great new venue, the Crocodile Creek Polo Club near the Lanseria airport. The highlight of this new venue was the grass. As in, there was grass.  This is my 3rd Joburg day – 2011 and 2012 were both held at venues with little or no grass, making it fairly unpleasant.
  • The grass was irrelevant, though.  Thanks to Highveld, we were given VIP treatment in an airconditioned tent with white leather couches, bean bags, a waitress (Nomsa who seemed to leave early, now that I think of it), and a never ending supply of food and drink.

Here’s Ed & I in the VIP tent:

Photo 2013-09-14 10 23 13 AM

AND… here are some photo’s taken of, from and near that Joburg Day stage.

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