Life’s about to change

So, it’s no secret, my life’s about to change. The arrival of a brand new baby in the next few weeks is guaranteed to leave our household different.  How much it’s going to change, is the question.

Of course, we’ve had many, many people tell us what will change. No more sleep. No more dinners with friends. No more quiet time. No more sex. No more fun. No more life. Oh – but it’s the best time of your life, apparently.

Am I freaking out? No. My friend Jason always says people hate change. I don’t agree. I love change. I love the challenges that comes with change. I love rediscovering new things about myself amidst change. And that’s why I’m not freaking out.

I am excited! I am ready. It’s time to put my toys away, put my big person pants on and embrace change.

I can do this. Now where’s the wine?

PS:  I hope Seth is even just a little as cute as this kid!

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