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Life from a hospital room

Tam and I had the… well…crisis of having our little boy Seth in a hospital isolation room for 4 days last week. He started getting sick on Sunday and after 2 visits to the...

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A Line in the Sand

I am typically sceptical of the euphoria of a year year – as if somehow, magically, all the disappointments of the previous year will vanish and the changing of a digit on the calendar...

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Perception trumps reality

Last night at our midweek student service we stepped out of the normal “service routine” to discuss something that I have become increasingly concerned about.  There is a growing trend of Christians, particularly younger...

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Our Worship is selfish… but, is it?

Since the conception of the formal structured church, we have had an important prophetic role to play. The church universal has had a prophetic voice amidst some of the greatest crisis in history.  Surely...

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Sometimes you go to battle for the wrong person. That is not a waste, for in every battle you discover more about yourself.

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2014 – A new chapter. Join me?

In case you haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook today, I’ll let you know… it’s a new year. Yip, 2014 is upon us, with all it’s opportunities, open doors, blank pages and  ______ [insert...

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Cancer grips Darlene Zschech

Yesterday,  former Hillsong worship leader and current pastor of HOPEUC, Darlene Zschech shared with the world that she found out recently (11th of December) after a routine check that she has developed breast cancer,...

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The power of Testimony

I remember being told many years ago to hold onto my testimony, as it’s the one thing no one could ever argue with me about, or take from me. It was mine. Since then,...