Phone Phree Phridays

My wife suggested the other day that we have a “phone free Friday” policy in our house.  She also said something about “between the hours of x and y” – but I had already stopped listening. I mean, what a stupid idea.  The idea of turning off a phone for a full day may simply mean “I won’t receive calls” to someone over…say… 80?  But to anyone who is actually part of normal society today, it represents a lot more

  • No phone calls (even though, not many phones ring these days anyway)
  • No texts/whatsapp messages from mates or colleagues
  • You may miss an invitation to a social gathering – the invite, after all, will come via text
  • No easily accessible social media. You may miss some important tweets, facebook updates or the latest video from Caspar Lee
  • You’ll be clueless as to what’s happening around the world, with not being able to log onto News24’s app and what not.
  • No instagram?! What?!
  • What about that important email that comes through regarding the weekend?  (I work over weekends, so this is an important factor, not?)
  • Plus, being Friday, something awesome is guaranteed to happen, and I need a photo or video to capture the memory!

I mean, how ridiculous is the thought of “Phone free Fridays”.

Check this out:

Sadly, that really is the reality we… no I’ll take responsibility…I live in. Phones are everywhere, all the time. The devil’s advocate in me is tapping me on the shoulder reminding me that it’s not always an aweful thing. After all, there is some value to being able to capture that couple selfie on our Friday night date, or having access to information that may be really important. Okay, scratch that last one, as I couldn’t think of an example.

So yeah, I scoffed at the idea. But mainly because I hated that it was suggested TO me, rather than my suggesting what I had been thinking of already (and had actually spoken to this guy about that very afternoon) – that I do need some time out. Technology free time. Phone free time. Social Media free time.  So while I didn’t go the phone free route, I did intentionally check my texts less, only respond to emails that were absolutely necessary and even deleted Facebook from my phone (I’m over FB, so if I check it on my phone, I’m REALLY being lame).  People noticed.  3 friends were ‘upset’ (I mean, there were no tears or anything dramatic like that, just a little irritation maybe) that it took me longer to respond to whatsapp/texts than I usually do.

So I want to try it.  Emphasis, try. Honestly, I’m not sure how disciplined I am to cut something that has become such a big part of who I am (even that, is a problem) out completely for 1/7th of the week, so it may happen slowly. It may start as “phone-free-gym-session-on-Friday” or “phone-free-until-noon-on-Friday” or “phone-free-unless-Seth-is-asleep-Friday” – but I aim to try.

SO – if you suspect you’ll need me on Friday, get hold of me on Thursday.

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