My world came to end end today.  Well, not literally, but it may as well have.  For 3 hours this afternoon I couldn’t watch TV, couldn’t make coffee, couldn’t have a hot shower, couldn’t charge my iPhone or my Mac, couldn’t do washing. All because the electricity supply to Centurion and Pretoria East was shut off as a result of a storm. What a tragedy.


Because shortly after 6pm, all was well in my home.  My TV is on, the geyser is heating up my water, my Mac is plugged in and currently on my lap (I know, I should put a pillow under it right?), my iPhone is charging, the cappuccino machine is cooling down and a load of washing is in the machine.

In thousands of homes around the country I call home however, millions of people are boiling water on a fire, chatting by candle light, and listening to the “wireless” until the 9v battery runs out.  They have no power cut issues, because they have no power.  And chances are, they are far happier than I am.

I’m not about to feel guilty that I am privileged.  It’s how life is.  But I am going to ensure that I am grateful for these pleasures I take for granted day after day. How could I not?

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