Last night I was having a really loud (prophetic?) dream. The details of the dream are fairly unimportant except to say that it had to do with a new ministry I am now part of. What is important is that the dream was really loud. A band was playing, people were shouting and really into it then within a split second I was wide-awake and it was absolutely silent. As I was lying in absolute silence in the early hours of this morning YHWH spoke into my spirit.

I believe God woke me from this dream to say this: “When you are confronted with a revelation of my love, it doesn’t matter how loud “life” is… You won’t hear a thing. What my love accomplishe for you on the cross and what it continues to accomplish for you every moment of every day is louder than anything else you could ever face.”

I have nothing to add to this, but to remind you of Psalm 46:10 which says, in the Street Bible, “Shut up! Shut out! And in the silence, know love.”

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