Small Things | Funeral clothes

I’ve mentioned the death of my dad in my previous post. After deaths, come funerals. For all families, funerals are tough. But as I mentioned, I was alone in SA. My mom and brother were in Zimbabwe and could not be part of the preparations – they could only get here in time for the service.

So anything that made the journey easier was welcome. And people were awesome. Friends gathered round and did what they could to help.

May I, at this point,  share one of the most incredible things anyone has ever done for me?

Tam, now my wife – and you can understand why – borrowed clothes from a friend of hers I didn’t know to wear to the funeral. Not because she wanted to look good; not because she didn’t have appropriate clothing. No. She borrowed clothes so that I would never have to see her again in the clothes she wore to my dads funeral.

It’s the small things that count, like funeral clothes.

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