Successful Chats

One of the exciting elements of 2011 for me has been the opportunity to meet some great people who share a passion to make a difference and influence people positively in our years that lie ahead.  I’ve had some brilliant, inspiring conversations about influence, success and the like and have realized that one of the biggest mistakes we make is to not learn from the people around us.  God in His grace has brought many successful people into my life, and I have spoken to a number of them about sharing a little about their journey to success with me, which I will post in the coming weeks as “interviews”.

Some of these people are well known,  some may be in your own circle, others you may have never heard of.  What they have in common is that I have crossed paths with all of them, have been inspired by all of them, and consider each of them successful in their field.  While we may never agree on a definition of “success”, for the purpose of these “success chats” I am considering someone successful if they have found what they love to do, are doing it well, and are inspiring others to do so.

So, as they say, “watch this space”.  Some inspiration coming your way soon…

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