Surprise for a Bride

I’m not usually one for sharing silly stories on my blog. However, driving on the N1 yesterday I saw something that reminded me of one of my strangest moments.

I’ve been part of many weddings, either through conducting them, singing at them, playing at them, photographing them and I’ve even been the groom at one of them. I am not sure of the exact number, but I’d guess close to 300 weddings. As you would guess, I have many stories to tell.

The one in question takes me to a wedding I was conducting of a foreigner (Dutch if I remember correctly) and a Xhosa lady. Everything about the wedding was strange. The couple were an odd mix; the bringing together of two cultures was complicated; the decor was weird; everything. Weird.

The strangest moment happened not during the ceremony, but after. The groom, wanting to create a special moment for his bride, chose to surprise her by having a limo waiting after the service. So at the end of the ceremony, everyone left the church to watch the couple leave for the reception. Waiting outside, was one of these:


Yes. A funeral home limo, usually the mode of transport for a coffin, was to carry a new bride to her reception. The sight was inexplicable. This rather large bride, white fluffy dress and all, lying in the back or a limo where you’d expect a coffin!

Anyway… As you were.

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