The next generation

Brooke Fraser wrote a song, Hosanna (watch it here) and included this line:

“I see a generation rising up to take their place with selfless love”.

That line resonates deeply with my spirit and my passion. There are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing a new generation rise up to take its place as leaders in society, the church, our schools, varsities, families – anywhere, really, that leadership is required.

I’m not convinced we have as many leaders showing great promise and passion today as we have seen in the past. A society of complacency has fostered an environment of follows, young men and women who go with the crowd, don’t step out and take risks, and allow life to happen to them, rather than actively, passionately living in their gifting, calling and destiny.

There are exceptions, however. There are those who lead in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time. Those whose hearts are so committed to the cause that the won’t let anything stand in their way. Yes, they get knocked down. They bleed a little. They may even have some tears to wipe away. But they get up! They fight again. They lead.

Tonight I stood next to one of those leaders. One who shared about the youth ministry that he is leading: “We are creating a place they can call home… a place where they can be rooted in the word of God”.

This leader is passionate about God’s Word and will in a way I haven’t seen in a very long time. He loves God. He loves God’s people. He loves sharing truth.

Yes, he has insecurities, and yes he’s young. But here’s the thing about leaders – those things don’t stand in their way. Ever.

I am so excited to watch the journey of this young leader, Jason Watson, as he ‘rises up to take his place’. He is becoming a warrior in the Kingdom, a man whose integrity, passion, commitment and calling will lead many into a committed relationship with Jesus.

Watch this space – you will hear more of this next generation, and of this young man who will be leading part of it .

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