The power of Negative

In 1 Samuel 17 we read the story of Daniel and Goliath. The famous story of a young man who slay mighty Goliath. Call me a cynic, but was Goliath really so mighty, if he could be taken out by a young shepherd boy? Is this really the story of a giant slayer, or is this a story of the power of negative?

We read that for an entire month, every morning Goliath would step out and (may I paraphrase?) tell Saul’s army he was going to kick there backsides. He had an entire army backing him and we read the Saul’s army were crippled with fear. Until David arrives. He hasn’t been part of the hype, part of the group or part of the fear. He arrives with fresh perspective and says “don’t worry about the giant, I’ll sort him out”. And, he does.

Without taking anything away from God’s work through David – because we know he worked – I wonder what would have been different if David had been there from the beginning? There are two scenarios. Either David would have stepped up to the plate from the beginning (likely) or he would have got caught in the slipstream of fear and intimidation the army were experiencing.

Lets put it another way. Do you not find it strange that for a whole month, none of the SOLDIERS, people trained for war, step out of the crowd and say “Hey, guys, there are a whole lot of us. There’s just one of him – we can take him out, then fight his army”? To me, this shows what fear and negativity in a group can do to foster inactivity.

As I write this, I am at George International Airport after a 3 day pastors retreat with a great emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit. Man! It started off so difficult to put my cynical spirit aside. Rather than hearing God speak through preachers, I analyzed their style. Criticized their illustrations. Questioned their theology. But at the end of this, I walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and the spirit of “YES” has rubbed off on me. The power of positive.

We can’t deny the power and influence of group thinking. But we can choose to position ourselves with people who will inspire us to “positive” and not to negative; people who will point out that Goliath is just one man, rather than drag us through a month of fear.

The power of negative will no longer have any power in my life. David, grab a stone, let’s go kick that giants ass.

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