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*1 Samuel 19*

New Living Translation (NLT)

*Saul Tries to Kill David*

*19 *Saul now urged his servants and his son Jonathan to assassinate
David. But Jonathan, because of his strong affection for David, *2
*told him what his father was planning. “Tomorrow morning,” he
warned him, “you must find a hiding place out in the fields. *3
*I’ll ask my father to go out there with me, and I’ll talk to him
about you. Then I’ll tell you everything I can find out.”

*4 *The next morning Jonathan spoke with his father about David,
saying many good things about him. “The king must not sin against
his servant David,” Jonathan said. “He’s never done anything to
harm you. He has always helped you in any way he could. *5 *Have you
forgotten about the time he risked his life to kill the Philistine
giant and how the Lord brought a great victory to all Israel as a
result? You were certainly happy about it then. Why should you murder
an innocent man like David? There is no reason for it at all!”

*6 *So Saul listened to Jonathan and vowed, “As surely as the Lord
lives, David will not be killed.”

*7 *Afterward Jonathan called David and told him what had happened.
Then he brought David to Saul, and David served in the court as

*8 *War broke out again after that, and David led his troops against
the Philistines. He attacked them with such fury that they all ran

*9 *But one day when Saul was sitting at home, with spear in hand, the
tormenting spirit from the Lord suddenly came upon him again. As David
played his harp, *10 *Saul hurled his spear at David. But David dodged
out of the way, and leaving the spear stuck in the wall, he fled and
escaped into the night.


This is one of the passages in scripture that, if read without much
thoughts, can seem fairly emotionless and insignificant. But put
yourself in Jonathan’s position. He was torn between keeping the
secret of a father he surely loved and respected, or breaking his
father’s trust and speaking to his friend, David, about what his
father was plotting against him. This couldn’t have been an easy
decision. Nor could it have been an easy conversation to have with
David. Imagine: “Hey, bro, so I thought I’d let you know, my dad
wants to kill you.” These aren’t words that just role off the
tongue. What would be the right thing to do?

To walk in truth is always the right thing to do. And Jonathan did
that. The end result of Saul in fact trying to take David’s life is
not necessarily relevant when it comes to Jonathan’s decision. What
matters is that he did what was right and tried to save the life of
his friend.


Doing the right thing is usually the difficult thing. But it’s the
right thing to do. We are always faced with the decision to do
what’s right, or do what’s easy. Sometimes these decisions
aren’t difficult (do you drive through the orange traffic light, or
do you stop in anticipation of the red), sometimes, in the case of
Jonathan, they are. The truth is, God honours us when we do what is
right. Today, increase your level of integrity and become a person who
does what is right, even when it is difficult.


Father thank you for your blessing. Thank you for everything you have
done in my life. Please help me to honour you by living a life of
integrity and doing the right thing, no matter the cost. Amen.

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