Fact.  Some people believe they can do it.  Some people believe they can’t.  Just exactly what ‘IT’ is, is different for every one of us.  I would define ‘IT’ as that thing that would bring you the greatest joy and sense of fulfillment in life; that for which you have been created and called. I believe we all have a dream, but far too many of us believe that the dream is going to have to remain a dream, and will never become a reality.

Justin Bieber believed he could do “IT” – and he has! This evening I watched the 3D “Justin Bieber” movie, ‘Never Say Never’.  It is the story of JB’s rise to fame and has all the elements of a success story, and more.  Having read his book, I had a good idea as to what to expect, but was still left inspired.

Let’s backtrack:  Why on earth would a 27 year old guy read a Justin Bieber book and watch a Justin Bieber movie? Simple.  Influence is power,  and JB is the most influential teenager alive today.  His life is an incredible story of hard work, perseverance, faith and dreams.  Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t decide one day to record a video, post it on youtube, and then get a call from Usher.  There was a great deal of hard, time consuming work that has lead to Justin Bieber being the success story that he is.

There are many valuable life lessons in this movie that I could focus on, but a few things in particular stood out to me:

  • If you want something badly enough, you’ll work as hard as you possibly can to achieve that which you want. Sitting back hoping for something to happen won’t make it happen. You actually have to get up and do something about your dream. Justin’s career would be non-existent if he hadn’t entered competitions, sang on the steps of theatres and travelled the country introducing himself to radio DJ’s who wouldn’t play his songs.
  • Successful people don’t become successful alone.  Surround yourself with people who support your vision and who can encourage you in it.  Decide what you want to do, find people who are doing it better than you, and learn from them.  Usher is Justin’s mentor, and in the movie you get to see a few moments where he is pretty hard on JB… you need people in your life who will tell you when you’re slacking off.
  • Without the people in your life, the success is worthless.  One of the greatest scenes for me is at the end of the movie where, after performing at Maddison Square Gardens, he goes backstage and hugs his family and friends. For me, life is about the people you do it with. Regardless of the nature or size of the dream, the dream and what you want to accomplish in life should NEVER be more important than the people you love, and who love you back.

The point of Justin’s movie is to share one powerful truth: It CAN be done.  I recommend this movie, even if you’re not particularly fond of the “Beeb”… while the whole movie may not be your idea of a good time, it’s 90 minutes of your life and I have no doubt you’ll leave with some element of his story having connected with you.



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