At EASTSIDE, we have just kicked off our annual 40 day journey, working on the theme “The most loving place in town”.  The journey was kicked off this past weekend with a family camp help at the churches campsite, Kimiad, with guest speaker John Basson sharing on what it means to be the most loving place in town.

It was only after a friend tweeted that he “felt loved at #eastsideCC” that I asked myself the question: What would it take for me to feel loved in a particular place, or by particular people.  And while this question is begging for Gary Chapman’s “5 love languages”as a response, I put the love languages aside and realized that if my state of feeling loved is dependent on the camp we just enjoyed, then I would have to say “to love is to serve”.

It wasn’t the great conversations, the physical touch (okay, I’ll sneak Chapman in here – this is one of my love languages), the amazing times of corporate worship or even hearing the words “I Love you” a few times over the weekend that made me feel loved – it was the way so many people, in a number of small ways, chose to serve me.  It was the guys who helped put up my tent; who got cutlery and crockery out the kitchen for me while I was setting up; who brought me a can of coke when the tuckshop was open; who made my bed and left sweets on the pillow (seriously!), who offered to braai my meat for me because I was preparing for the session; who made me tea and coffee; who washed my dishes… this list goes on.

These were people who gave me a taste of what it must have been like for the disciples who were eating with Jesus, their master, teacher, rabbi, Lord, Saviour, pastor – someone who, for all intents and purpose they were called to serve.  Despite his position and identity, we know that He sacrificed his time and energy to serve them by washing their feet.

I was on Family Camp to serve my church family, yet so many people took the time to serve me in both small and big ways. I truly felt loved.

I am sure I will progress as this journey continues and write on some more “To love is to…”‘s … but for now… TO LOVE IS TO SERVE!

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