I’ve witnessed human nature in action this past weekend.  The estate where we live has recently upgraded their access control, meaning that all residents had to have their fingerprints rescanned at the Gate house by last night (Sun, 13th March).  We were given the documentation and instruction for this three weeks ago.  When we left our home around midday yesterday, there was a fairly long queue waiting to scan their fingers – people who had obviously waited until the last day to do so.

This may seem fairly normal (as I guess it is), however, when we returned shortly before midnight, there was still a long queue.  Long story short, because of the procrastination of many residents who waited until the last minute to scan their fingers,  the system upgrade has been postponed a few days.

Which got me thinking…how much of what we do (or don’t do) affects the lives of other people without us even realizing it?  I’m fairly convinced that this little experience has challenged me sufficiently to stop procrastinating and putting off till tomorrow what can be done today.  I’ll keep you updated… soon.

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