WIN TIME FOR @Graeme_Watkins

I first met Graeme during Idols while working on the media side, and him obviously being a competitor who went onto come third that year.  I’ll put it out there – I thought the guy was a douche.  MAN – was I wrong.  We have since reconnected with Graeme and his wife Kim, and was legends! But that’s not half as important, for the purpose of this conversation, as Graeme and the rest of his bands, (known as the Graeme Watkins Project) talent.

I have seen Graeme perform live many times, the last time after spending a full day recording their latest music video (link below).  Chatting to Graeme afterwards he apologized that they weren’t as tight as they normally are due to the fatigue of the day.  Rubbish! Even after a full days video shoot – they were brilliant.  As such, I have no doubt in agreeing that The Graeme Watkins Project should win the MK award for Best Newcomer.  So – please do me, and them, a favor, and go vote.  Voting is simple.  You click HERE and then click “LIKE”.  Easy.

If you’re not convinced, go check some of their Music Videos on YouTube:








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