#eccathome – this is how

At Eastside, we have spoken loosely about starting an online service over the past few months, but – like many churches – were thrown into the deep end when the President announced a lockdown. So – how did we do, what we’ve done, and will continue to do? Having had to learn things really quickly, I thought I’d share our process with you. Check it out.

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In my world (ie, at my church) I’m always referred to as “the tech guy”. Can I confess, that irks me a bit? Here’s why: I think in 2020 no one really has the excuse to be tech-norant (I just made that up… so maybe I’m also the english guy?). Having said that, I really do understand that some people are more prone to using technology to help them accomplish what they need to on daily basis.

I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve found works for me. This is after years of trying different apps and processes. I think I’ve finally stumbled upon the “perfect system” – for me, at least. If you have any tips of your own, share them below – I’d love to hear.

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Volunteer weekend prograMMe

This past weekend we hosted our first “Volunteer Weekend” – a weekend to focus on appreciating, inspiring and equipping our volunteers for the year ahead. Since a lot of work when into the weekend, I thought I’d put it out here in case any other church leaders stumble upon it and want some ideas. So, here’s a summary of the programme

Friday Night

The outcome of Friday night was for volunteers to be appreciated, and have a relaxed, fun evening. Here’s how the evening unfolded. Note: The staff served the volunteers on the weekend – no volunteers were hurt in the making of this weekend

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Last week I had the privilege of addressing the first-year students at the Baptist Theological College in Randburg, Johannesburg. I spoke to them about things I wish I knew before diving headfirst into vocational ministry. Truth be told, if anyone had told me these things, it probably wouldn’t have had much impact – but just maybe it’s helpful to some future-pastors.

Below is a very abridged summary of that talk:

1. Ministry is lonely

The expectation upon pastors, real life disappointments and feeling like we’re not making the difference we wanted to lead to some pretty dark, lonely times.

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I’m writing this on the morning of the 20th of January… fun fact: this is the first time I’ve been completely alone this year.  Every moment of this year I’ve had family, friends or colleagues around.  As I write that, I realise just how blessed I am to have people to do life with. I’m always very aware over December, particularly,  how many lonely people are around us.

But there is something profound and sobering about “aloneness”.  While part of my philosophy on life is that we were created for community, I also know that the only way we will truly become who we are meant to be is to take these moments to be alone.  This is why:

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