#eccathome – this is how

At Eastside, we have spoken loosely about starting an online service over the past few months, but – like many churches – were thrown into the deep end when the President announced a lockdown. So – how did we do, what we’ve done, and will continue to do? Having had to learn things really quickly, I thought I’d share our process with you. Check it out.

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I recently wrote a post on Tech that works for me…. that is, apps, devices and systems that I use on a daily basis to get the job done. I think anyone that uses a device to get their job done can benefit from that post.

This post is specifically for those in the realm of “Church”. Over the years, we’ve had to be smart about the tech we use at Eastside so that we can do as much as possible with as little as possible. That means that we’ve tried and tested a lot of software solutions – and have landed at a place that works. Here are our “must have” software options

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In my world (ie, at my church) I’m always referred to as “the tech guy”. Can I confess, that irks me a bit? Here’s why: I think in 2020 no one really has the excuse to be tech-norant (I just made that up… so maybe I’m also the english guy?). Having said that, I really do understand that some people are more prone to using technology to help them accomplish what they need to on daily basis.

I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve found works for me. This is after years of trying different apps and processes. I think I’ve finally stumbled upon the “perfect system” – for me, at least. If you have any tips of your own, share them below – I’d love to hear.

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